When to see a Kids Physio


We use proven treatment techniques committed to optimising a childs' physical development and functional abilities. This is achieved by facilitating the best muscle, joint and neuromuscular function available in the growing body.  Unlike adults who have completed their growth period, children have specific growth related needs which benefits from the specialist knowledge and experience a Paediatric Physiotherapist can offer.


We specialise in working with musculoskeletal and neurological conditions  such as Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay and  Osgoods Schlatters etc.

Seek our advice if your baby/child or teenager:


feels floppy or stiff on handling;

is delayed in motor milestones;

has difficulties with feeding and sleeping;                          

turns their head preferentially to one side;

had a traumatic birth or head injury;

has an unusual walk or foot position;

is clumsy, frequently trips or falls;

complains of aches or pains;  

has postural changes;                          

is recovering from an injury or surgery;

requires sports specific training advice;

difficulty riding a bike, hopping, jumping etc


Anne has been seeing my 11yr old son, who has severe Cerebral Palsy, for 9 yrs.  She has a lovely gentle manner which allows her to continually push him to his physical limits. While doing so she reassures him and encourages him to participate.  Because of these weekly physio sessions, he is in much better shape than many of his friends and Anne continually strives to keep up to date and introduce new and better techniques.   ❞       (M.L)

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